Lindemans Lambic Kriek

Lindemans Lambic Kriek

Lindemans Kriek is made from one-year-old oak-aged lambic and pure cherry juice with red, slightly misty colour. Deliciously fruity with the flavour of freshly picked sour cherries. Its sharp and full bodied flavour gives way to a perfect balance between sweet and sour.





Since 1972

Brewed - produced since





Lambic fruit

product type

Alcohol % | Calories | Plato

3.5% VOL.
53 Kcal (100ml)


Serving ritual


Serving temperature

Food Pairing

Spices: parsley
Fish: Sole, cod fillet
Vegetables: mashed potatoes, onion
Sauce: mushroom sauce, cherry sauce
Meat: Flemish hotpot, terrines, young partridge fillet, meatballs
Cheese: cottage cheese

food pairing
Serving temperature


  • As replacement for a glass of champagne before dinner
  • Replacing a sweet dessert wine after a meal
  • At receptions on special occasions e.g. wedding, opening of business,…
  • Savouring on a terrace in the afternoon
  • Perfect for making cocktails
tasting notes

Tasting Notes

Delicious fruity with the flavour of freshly picked cherries. Its sharp and full-bodied flavour gives way to a perfect balance between sweet and sour.



  • Silver – World Beer Awards 2013
  • Best of fruit beers – Beer International Recognition Awards 2011
  • Belgium Grand Award – Beer International Recognition Awards 2011
  • Platinum Medal – World Beer Championships 1994
  • World Champion – World Brewing Congress 2001
  • Platinum Award – World Brewing Congress 1994
  • One of 5 best beers in the world according to Beer Hunter Michael Jackson
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5 reasons why you will love Lindemans Kriek

  • The reference among Belgian Krieks
  • Made of a 1-year-old Lambic beer
  • With fresh, not from concentrate, unsweetened sour cherry juice
  • A delicate fruity aroma and a beautiful dark red colour
  • Fermented thanks to the airborne yeasts and second fermentation in bottle with sour cherry juice.

Most commonly made with cherries or raspberries, Belgium’s fruited lambic beers are arguably the least challenging members of this ancient style.

Having taken on the colour of the cherries, Lindemans Kriek pours an attractive deep red hue beneath a fluffy, pinkish head. The aroma is sweet and dominated by notes of ripe cherry and marzipan – the latter contributed by the cherry stones, but the palate offers some early acidity before the sweetness kicks in and then more complex, earthy and funky, rustic flavours come to the fore. It finishes with an attractive and quenching sherry-like tartness. Served chilled in a champagne flute Lindemans Kriek makes a wonderful appetiser, but it’s equally effective at the end of the meal with chocolate-based desserts and cheesecake.

In my experience it is the ideal beer to offer those who are convinced they don’t like beer.

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