Lindemans Lambic Gueuze

Lindemans Lambic Gueuze

Made from one-year-old oak-aged Lambic, Lindemans Lambic Gueuze is a filtered Gueuze with a pleasantly sweet attack and a fresh, slightly sour finish reminiscent of sherry with notes of champagne and rhubarb.


Since 1872

Brewed - produced since


Lambic beer

product type




Alcohol % | Calories | Plato

5% VOL.
53 Kcal (100ml)


Serving ritual


Serving temperature
Serving temperature


  • Can be a replacement for most white wines with a meal
  • Perfect beer for people who don’t like the hoppy taste of most beers
  • Can also be used as an aperitif
  • Goes very well with a cheese platter
tasting notes

Tasting Notes

Both sweet and dry with a pleasant sweet attack and a fresh, slightly sour finish reminiscent of sherry with notes of champagne and rhubarb.

food pairing

Food Pairing

Spices: basil
Fish: salted fish, mussels, monkfish
Vegetables: mushrooms, sprouts, savoy, radish, chicory
Sauce: cream-based sauce
Meat: stir fried chicken, turkey, rabbit
Cheese: Camembert, blue cheese,…

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5 reasons why you will love Lindemans Gueuze

  • A Gueuze that is both sweet and dry
  • Fermented thanks to the airborne yeasts
  • Only brewed in the winter
  • A real Lambic beer brewed like in the Middle Ages
  • Authentic local product, only brewed in unique region in Belgium

So you don’t like beer? This ancient style of wheat beer could persuade you otherwise. Fermented by wild yeasts and aged for several years in wooden casks, Belgium’s revered lambic beers arguably have more in common with white wines than regular beers.

A blend of young and aged lambics, Lindeman’s Gueuze pours an amber to copper hue, a shade darker than most examples of the style. There’s a distinctive caramelised and yogurt-like sweetness that reminds me of a faro (sweetened lambic), along with expected notes of apple cider, earthy mustiness, and barnyard funk. Despite its early sweetness, the beer’s long finish is briskly tart and quenching.

An approachable yet rewarding introduction to the complexities of the rustic lambic style, Lindeman’s Gueuze makes a wondorful partner for seafood, ripe soft cheeses and most fatty dishes.

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