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Lindemans Lambic Cassis – Black Currant Beer


Product of exceptional flavour and complexity, Lindemans Cassis, the favourite among our Indian customers, is made from one-year-old oak-aged lambic and pure black currant juice. Purplish red with an ample creamy pink foam head. With only 3.5% Alc and 53 Kcal/100ml, it is a delicious aperitif with the fresh sweet-and-sour taste of bright black currants and lambic.

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Brewery Lindemans Brewery
Bottle 25 cl
Category Lambic Fruit
Alcohol % 3.5% VOL.
Serving Ritual 2-3 °C
Tasting notes The blackcurrant aromas prevail over all the other scents. It tastes very sweet on the palate with a good acidity and a bold taste of blackcurrants, resulting in a dry woody note
Awards Winner category “Fruit Beers” at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2016,
Gold Award at the Australian Beer Awards 2014
Food Pairing Vegetables: parsnip, asparagus
Sauce: blackcurrant sauce
Meat: calf roast, duck breast
Cheese: roquefort, greek yoghurt, cottage cheese Desserts: cheesecake, fruit or chocolate